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Bonfiglioli Kyril

Portly art dealer and seasoned epicurean Charlie Mortdecai comes into possesion of a stolen Goya, the disappearance of which is causing a diplomatic ruction between Spain and its allies. Not that that matters to Charlie … until compromising pictures of some British diplomats also come into his possession and start to muddy the waters. All he’s trying to do is make a dishonest living, but various governments, secret organizations and an unbelievably nubile young German don’t see it that way and pretty soon he’s in great need of his thuggish manservant Jock to keep them all at bay … and the Goya safe.

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  • Mortdecai

  • ParametryMortdecai

    Druh zboží:Kniha


    Počet stran:176

    Vazba:Brožovaná bez přebalu lesklá

    Rozměry:198 x 129




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  • Mortdecai

  • Mortdecai


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